Boustead Beef Feedlots

Boustead Beef Feedlots in Zimbabwe. Achieving high housekeeping and cattle husbandry standards.

Cattle Breeding

At Boustead Beef, we believe in raising our cattle with care, treating them as humanly as possible. Most of our cattle are bought from local small-scale farmers, villagers, and reputable regional producers.
All animals are individually assessed on arrival to determine the regimen required to ensure they meet our exacting standards. Reducing stress is imperative for us, and this is achieved through a combination of rest, water, and healthy feed, as well as transporting cattle on custom-designed trucks.
These cattle are primarily grass-fed on traditional African veld and are treated as free range. Once purchased, they are then fattened for 6 – 12 weeks, for finishing, in our grass pastures with supplementary feed.
Whilst in paddocks, they are still treated a free-range, as they are not penned. When the cattle are deemed ready, they are slaughtered using the latest humane techniques and butchered following European standards.
Throughout our animal’s lives, the main priority is their wellbeing and health. As such, they undergo the correct worming programmes, and if one of them should fall ill, they are treated with antibiotics.