Just imagine serving your family and guests corned beef that is moist and so tender it is beyond compare. And you cooked it yourself! Say goodbye to dry, tough corned beef.

Prime Corned Beef Briskets—the name says a lot.

Our unmatched standards for product quality. Prime—the highest grade of beef with the most flavor and ideal texture. Corned—brined to savory perfection and ready for your pot.

This is the taste of true New York-style deli corned beef—the kind that you see piled a mile high on hearty rye bread with a blast of mustard. Some say the unique character of New York corned beef has a lot to do with the Big Apple’s water giving it a flavor you will find nowhere else.

And our corned beef is corned beef at its peak—slightly briny but so balanced on the palate with a yielding bite that melts in your mouth. We use only Prime briskets—abundantly marbled to ensure maximum flavor and supple, juicy texture.